The costs of running Land of Kittens

As we host many platforms and services for Land of Kittens, it might come at no supprise that costs soon add up. This page will give an insight into how much it actually costs to run a community of our size!

A Special Thanks

We’d like to thank the following people for their donations towards the community!

How can you help?

As you can see, running Land of Kittens is not as cheap as some may think. However, most of our running costs are already covered by some very nice members and moderators within the community as well as me! (EpicKitty). Thanks to all of these people, we are able to continue growing as a community and expanding the services that we offer (free of charge) to our members.

If you have some spare change laying around however and want to put it to good use, we’ve got many ways that people just like you can help us grow! We will never make it a requirement to donate or pay anything but everything our supportive members give helps us! You can use any of the methods below to donate!


You can donate to us using Liberapay, or Ko-Fi. All of the funds collected through these go directly back into the community.


Buying our merch both helps us financially and also bags you cool looking gear such as hoodies, masks and stickers! You can find out more here

Join in!

Not all donations come in the form of money. Afterall, we wouldn't be a community without our members! Come join in, be yourself and have fun!

A word on Crypto

Land of Kittens is not currently affiliated with any crypto wallets. If anyone gives you a wallet address claiming to be ran by Land of Kittens, please consider this to be a scam and avoid sending any currency to it.

If we see a popular demand for crypto based donations, we may reconsider registering wallets in the future.