EpicCraft: 1.16 Nether Update

The world just got a lot more interesting!

So... what have we done this time?

As you can probably guess, 1.16 has been a rather large update for us! While we were initially just going to reset the Nether for the 1.15 server, we thought that making a brand-new server would be the better option as everyone will have an equal chance to have fun with the new goodies that 1.16 and its updated Nether dimension contain. Just spinning up a brand new 1.16 server, however, is boring — everyone is doing it — we want something new and fresh.

EpicCraft’s Nether Update not only brings an overhauled underworld but also something rather different when it comes to the Overworld as well. We’ve stuck with a new terrain generator (that has taken WEEKS to generate the world) in order to keep it fresh. Keep an eye out for our fancy abandoned mineshafts and caves too, there are new things to discover so come join in on the action, have some fun and make some friends!

Below, we’ve added some comprehensive information that should bring you up to speed with all of the rules, features and mechanics we’ve integrated. The Moderators and Admins are always around too, and are ready to help if you don’t quite understand something or need a little help. Just shout for us!

New Features!

Everyone loves a nice new feature or command here and there… but people don’t want an overly complicated addition that needs a PHD to understand. We like to mix things up a little around here whilst also making it really easy for our players to understand and use what we are offering. Below are some of the new things you can expect this season!

The Dos and Don'ts

Nobody likes rules, we get it… but in order to keep orderly conduct on the server, we have to follow a small list of them. They’re not complicated to remember and should be easy to follow. That being said, anyone pushing their luck with our rules will be dealt with accordingly. Not all bans are permanent but some can lead to being removed from the whole EpicCraft network, meaning no minigames and community competitions for you!

Rule 1: Stealing, Griefing, Raiding.

This one should be common sense. If you come across something that is clearly someone else’s work, unless you have explicit permission to do so, don’t take anything, break anything or modify anything. We do log all actions of this type so we will know if it was you, and we will deal with it correctly.

Rule 2: Bugs and Exploits

Sometimes, things break. You get two items instead of one if you break that block in a specific way; filling a chest with incompressible books allows you to duplicate your items. Doing these things, however, ruins the economy that we try so hard to maintain. If you spot any bugs or find an exploit, please report it directly to the staff. We often give out bounties to those who disclose them responsibly too so there’s always an incentive to do so!

Rule 3: Attitude and Behavour

We all enjoy a joke at someone else’s expense sometimes (schadenfreude), it’s funny! We never want that person to feel as though they are being harassed or bullied though, that’s not so fun. We ask that you respect other players on the server. If a player wants to be left alone, leave them be. If someone wants to join in on the fun, you’ve just made a new friend! Just don’t be a dick.

Rule 4: Client Modifications

This one is a little trickier to put into words… we allow you to add mods to your client as long as they’re not deemed ‘cheaty’ or unfair. A HUD overlay that shows your armour durability or a minimap are fine on here. X-Ray, Kill-Aura and ESP cheats are not. Don’t take this as a full list, just be considerate here. If we suspect something is fishy, we will investigate.

We've taken the look and feel to a new dimension!

The 1.16 Update may have given the Nether a new facelift but we feel that the Overworld and End were a little neglected. Because of this, we’ve gone out of our way to improve the generation for these dimensions.

The Overworld

The overworld has been transformed to a more realistic feel of terrain, including branching rivers, new and improved biome designs and fancy trees! That’s only scratching the surface however (literally). Underground caves and mineshafts have also “prettied up”.

The End

We didn’t forget about the end either. We’ve given this the old razzle dazzle with loads of new biomes, ruins and even some of the overworld? You might want to check this one out for yourself.

The cheat sheet of our new plugins!

We understand that sometimes, plugins are not that easy to use. Whilst we’ve done a lot of work to ensure ours are, we’ve also added a bit of a cheat sheet here to make sure you know what you’re doing! As always, the moderators are usually around to help with any problems you’re facing.