A community focused Minecraft Network for the members of Land of Kittens.


A dedicated survival server. We stay close to the vanilla experience but with a few additions such as tree falling physics, minable spawners and a few other supprises!


A whole server just for creative mode! Like to play minecraft but don’t want to spend time gathering the resources to build your town? This is the perfect server for you.

Mini Games

Whilst not quite ready yet, our mini games server will allow you to enjoy games of Bedwars, Hungergames, Spleef and much more!

About EpicCraft

Once the community started growing to a reasonable size, we decided to add some game servers to the network. So far, EpicCraft is on it’s 6th season with a small but dedicated player base. On the current season, we are using a new method for hosting the server which allows for better TPS and more room for expandability by seperating out the different parts of EpicCraft into induvidual servers.

Special Thanks!

We’d like to personally thank all of our donators and especially SomeMex (Dennis) who has kindly gifted us a server to use for hosting the EpicCraft Network. Without these people, EpicCraft wouldn’t exist!