EpicCraft Wallpaper Gallery

A showcase of wallpapers and screenshots taken from within the walls of EpicCraft.

Warning! Large Images Ahead!

So… you like nice wallpapers right? So do we! We want to make sure our wallpapers look crisp on all screens however so below, you will find some nice very high quality screenshots and renders from the EpicCraft servers. Whilst these used to be mostly 8K, we’ve had some complaints from both our visitors and the website itself about just how big these images are! To save a lot of resources, they’re all now 1080p but you can find the images in 1080p, 1440p, 4K and 8K at the link below the images!

Hovering on the images below will give a small description on what you are seeing as well as who took the screenshot. If you want a place on the server adding to this, let EpicKittyXP or XxFTFreakxX know in game or on Discord!