EpicCraft - Survival Server

So what's the fuss about?

Our vision of a Survival Server is to add loads of nifty features here and there withouth straying too far from the vanilla aspect of the server. If you’re looking for something that has loads of new mechanics, features and gameplay: that’s not quite what we are aiming for and so you won’t find that here. However, if you’re looking for a laid back, friendly, community based server where you can go at your own pace… come join in!

The Do's and Dont's

In order to keep the peace as one would say, we have to lay down some ground rules. These are to make sure everyone gets along just fine and so that no fights break out. Don’t forget, there’s a cut down version of these rules on the server. Just run the command /rules to see them!

Rule 1 - Stealing, Griefing & Raiding.

Simple response to this, don’t do it! Nobody likes coming back to their base to find half of it missing, their items gone and their horse on fire. This is a sure-fire way of loosing respect on the server and could even loose us some players that otherwise would be active and friendly (the kind of player we are after). If you are caught doing and of this, it will result in a instant ban. (ouch!)

Rule 2 - The Bugs and The Bees Exploits.

These things happen sometimes, you stumble upon an Item Duplication Bug or find that when you load 1,000+ chickens into a single chunk, the server grinds to a halt. Ideally, we don’t want our players searching for bugs but if you manage to find one, let us know! We can work to fix it and make the server a more stable place. Again, if we find out that you are exploiting the bugs for your own personal gain (or if you just want to see the world burn), we won’t hesitate to warn you or even remove you from the network all together.

Rule 3 - General Behaviour

Who doesn’t love a good bit of banter sometimes, or even some sneaky PVP! It’s always nice to have fun, prank a player here and there but if you start overdoing it, it can come across as harrasment or bullying, we don’t want that now do we? We’re here to help grow the playerbase, not destroy it. Everything is logged on the server (and network), it’d be a stupid idea to go against our rules and advice… you will be found out and dealt with.

Rule 4 - Who owns this again?

It’s a little tricky sometimes to work out who lives where. It also makes thing harder when another players says it’s okay to go take a stack of iron from their chests. How do you know whose base is whose if you’ve not been there before? This is why we have a basic rule of making sure to always try and label your builds in some form so everyone else knows what it is and who owns it. If you change the perspective, it makes sense! You don’t want someone taking your items because they though it was someone elses.

Rule 5 - Client Modifications

This rule has so much information behind it, it might as well have it’s own section! Oh… wait, it does? Awesome!

Whilst we don’t disallow all client modifications, there’s some considerations to take when selecting what “features” you want to add to your experience. Mods such as Kill-Aura, ESP or X-Ray are a big no-no! These give you an unfair advantage over the other players on the server which isn’t fun. We don’t want to take all of the fun away however. We allow you to use client side assistant tools such as Schematic based plugins, Lighting overlays, Shaders and all that kind of jazz.

If you’re not too sure which side of the fence your desired modification falls, don’t be afraid to ask! We’d much prefer you ask to use something rather than taking the gamble yourself and potentially being banned for it.


Please Note: We’d like to think our players have a lot of trust when playing on our server, but we still have systems in place to detect and alert us if your client is doing something that it shouldn’t. We’d never allow the server to automatically ban a player as those are handled by a real person but we are not going to shy away when someone is misbehaving.

On with the good stuff: Commands and Features!

Below is a nice list of some features we have in place as well as some extra commans that will make the experience on EpicCraft that little bit nicer. If you feel like we are missing something or just want to see your favorite plugin on the server, let us know! 

Location Commands

Monster Spawners

We’ve got a nice little feature when it comes to monster spawners on the survival server. If you happen to use a Silk Touch pickaxe when breaking a spawner, it will drop the spawner instead of just breaking it. From here, you can reuse it and even change what mob is spawned from it.

As a standard player, you can change the spawner to: Blaze, Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Skeleton, Spider, Zombie.

Donator rank allows you to also change to a few extra mobs: Creeper, Drowned, Enderman, Fox, Gardian, Iron Golem, Rabbit, Slime, Snowman, Wither Skeleton