Meet our Team!

Our team is made up of dedicated members who help make the community a happy place, run events and much more!

The Founder

EpicKitty (Richard)

Hi There! I'm EpicKitty, but most now know me by my real name (Richard). I'm a Lead Developer from the United Kingdom and I also happen to be the founder of Land of Kittens.

I've been running Land of Kittens since around 2014 back when we existed as a single channel called #epic. We started out as a single IRC channel on EsperNet where anyone could come and feel safe talking to others on the internet!

Since then, we've expanded to over 10 other platforms such as Telegram, Discord and Steam. Whilst we're a lot bigger than we were back in 2014, we still maintain our overall goal of being a safe haven for anyone from any background. Why not take a look around using the links in the header or footer?

Our Senior Moderation Team

Our Senior Moderation Teams are always here to help! These people are some of the most trusted when it comes to Land of Kittens. They have a copy of the key to the kingdom just incase EpicKitty is MIA! They might have a lot of power, but that doesn’t stop them from being really chill people… they’re always down for a natter!

SomeMex (Dennis)

Hi, I'm Dennis! I run a newly founded hosting company in the UK. By day I am an IT Technician for a small company, but by night I stream, I work or I sleep...

Ted Hart-Davis standing in front of a sheer drop where a viaduct once was

Ted Hart-Davis

Super-Autist with Tech-Abusing Tendencies. Cybersecurity at Edinburgh Napier University; Folk Musician; Photographer; admin at MinecraftOnline

Urban Darkness (Matty)

Tech Head, Senior Developer, Train Volunteer

Our Amazing Moderation Team

Below are the people who help keep Land of Kittens running smoothly. They’re a strange bunch of people but we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! Each moderator is hand-picked for their outstanding drive towards the community and overall attitude towards the members that we greatly cherrish.

Miguel (The Haunted Bladecenter)

"I own a bladecenter and I play piano. Do I need to say anything more?"



Draxhax (Paul)

Technical Support Specialist and Software Developer for work. Manage, develop, and play with software for servers and games in my spare time.
If there is a dupe glitch, I WILL find it and I WILL abuse it.

GO01 (Sam)

May not be a looker but I'm good with my tongue, and I got a great personality ....girl come at me - Tinder


life is soup i am fork



Uh, meow?

winx51 (Liz)

Mother of Howl the Cat 🐱, Lover of all things pink!

Psycadelika (Mel)

Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up here. Long suffering train-nerd partner. Requires adult supervision.