Land of Kittens Wallpapers

Well I think the page titles says it all! Below is a list of wallpapers that we’ve created for Land of Kittens. We’ve had some very kind people within the community make these for us so it would be awesome if you’d go give them some love!

About our wallpapers!

As we’ve mentioned above, our wallpapers were very kindly created by some talented people within the community. As we don’t like taking credit for these people’s work, each group of wallpapers contains a small introduction showing some information about the creator. 

We don’t want to fill out website with legal jargon but we do want to clearly state what our wallpapers can be used for, which is private use. We don’t allow people to redistribute any of these images or use them commercially without prior consent. You may make modifications to them but please keep these private.

Feeling like that bottled up talent of yours is going unused, or that you have some ideas for new wallpapers we can share? Please let us know on Discord!

EpicCraft Renders

Cajs' Mountain Base

Cocoaminxfan's House

Distant View of Spawn Village

EpicCraft Network Hub

EpicKitty's Bridge

EpicKitty's Vault



Here are some renders I've generated on our EpicCraft Minecraft Network